Gresham Voted in Record Numbers

This race has made it clear: every single vote matters. If we lose the mayor’s race by 13 votes or win by 2, one thing is certain: our community is victorious. We trust the automatic recount process to run its course - no matter the outcome. Join Eddy's mailing list for notification when the count is final.

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Let's Build Community Power

Together we can deliver a more equitable future for everyone in Gresham. Take action today.


Ready for Change?

You can be a progressive changemaker. You know what will strengthen your community the most. Together we’ll make it happen.

Show Up

The lived experience of underrepresented people makes us the best people to decide what policies and solutions work for our communities. We build real power when we show up for each other - the power to build a more progressive, equitable and sustainable future.

Tools For Change

I learned how to become a changemaker by tackling issues I was passionate about. Along the way, I learned organizing strategies and tactics that work. You already have power. By learning the skills, being consistent, and working together, we can achieve our goals.

Be Effective

When we unite with partners at local, state and national levels, progress accelerates. I am committed to bringing strong and diverse resources to every fight we face, connecting people, and forging relationships so we can improve our lives. Join me in building the power of community!

"We’ve never had a city councilor like Eddy. He invites people in, brings people along. It's because of him that we’re now having community-centered dialogue on major issues like housing affordability and community safety."

Vince Jones-Dixon
Gresham City Councilor


Vince Jones-Dixon

Vince Jones-Dixon is the former president of Beyond Black CDC, the newest member of the Gresham City Council, and the first Black male to serve on the council.



COVID-19: Planning for Our Recovery and Resilience

Like others, you probably worry about the impact that COVID-19 has on your well being. As Gresham Mayor, I'll build on plans to keep our community healthy and local businesses thriving.

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What’s Next for Gresham Parks & Rec? Let the People Decide!

We all pay taxes, but too often our communities don’t have a say in how our government dollars are spent. In Gresham, we are changing that when it comes to parks.

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Become a Rising Organizer

Rising Organizers will make the difference in building community power in East Multnomah County. You can work to elect Eddy and a slate of candidates endorsed by East County Rising. Build connections, make calls and more.

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Gresham City Councilor Eddy Morales marches at pride parade.
Gresham City Councilor Eddy Morales votes with his family.
Eddy Morales in front of the whitehouse in 2011