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Gresham City Councilor Eddy Morales canvassing with East County Rising.

Eddy Morales

My name is Eddy Morales and I am committed to helping underrepresented communities take political power. Our lived experiences make us the best people to decide what policies we need and come up with solutions that work for our communities. Then, we can make change happen. When we show up for one another, we build real power – the power to create a more progressive, equitable and sustainable future for everyone.

Gresham City Councilor Eddy Morales
Gresham City Councilor Eddy Morales talks with his mom.


My mother immigrated to the United States with eight children. When we arrived in Oregon, she had just $200 in her purse and yet, no matter what our circumstances were, my mother always took time to listen to others, empathize, and take on their challenges. I saw how the solidarity she showed people was reciprocated in powerful ways. That was my first lesson in social justice.

With the help of government services and programs, I made it to college. During college, my eyes were opened to the reasons life is so much harder for some people and communities than others. I realized there are systems in place to keep us down - and that we the people really can make change happen. For the first time I felt powerful instead of like a victim, and I dedicated my life to fighting for social justice. 

After college I moved to Washington DC. There, I learned to fundraise from Nancy Pelosi, and I had the privilege of working alongside voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams and organizing powerhouse Heather Booth. I learned so much from these mentors, and discovered a passion for community organizing that brought me back home to the area where I grew up in Oregon. 

Rest in Peace, Mamá. I'm still fighting for others, like you taught me. 

"Eddy has a proven track record of progressive change-making. As Gresham City Councilor he has championed community voices. The results: policies and budget allocations that support healthy community and economic opportunity."

Earl Blumenauer
Member of Congress, OR-3

Gresham City Councilor Eddy Morales and U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer.

Earl Blumenauer

Longstanding U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer endorsed Eddy's run for Gresham City Council in 2018. He knocked doors in the city for Eddy during the campaign. "I thought Gresham and East County could use the help," he said.

Prioritizing Issues

I believe that when people are stable with a roof over their heads, a way to get to work and put food on their table that our economy will thrive and our communities will be stronger.

Housing Solutions

Everyone in Gresham (and across the state) should have a home and be able to stay in it. We all deserve the stability of predictable housing that we can afford at all stages of our lives. That means we need to ensure that Gresham has housing for recent high school graduates, young families, established professionals, and seniors.


Whether we travel by car, bus, bike, or on foot, we all see that transportation infrastructure can make our lives easier or much harder, depending on how it is built and maintained. Growth and change are here and we can all see it in our daily commutes. I would like to see Gresham be proactive about regional transportation solutions so we can be in charge of planning for our future.

Economic Development

A vibrant local economy with well-paying, family-wage jobs and benefits is the best way to ensure a strong community, including a strong tax base to fund public services like transportation and parks. As our region grows, Gresham should work to ensure that we are getting the best deals for our community when attracting business. 

Support for Children, Families and Seniors

When children, families, and seniors succeed, our whole community succeeds. People who work in Gresham (and everywhere) should earn enough and get the benefits they need to care for their families.

Gresham City Councilor Eddy Morales with his partner Hugh in Rockwood.
Gresham City Councilor Eddy Morales attends an Evening with Heather Booth.
Gresham City Councilor Eddy Morales promotes the census with others. Contemos Oregon.
Gresham City Councilor Eddy Morales walking in the woods.

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