Eddy Morales on Community Organizing and Gresham Voters on the Power Station Podcast

by Eddy Morales, on 8/31/20 4:00 PM

August 2020 Update: I’ve talked with the Power Station podcast twice now. Early in August, on the day before I announced my candidacy for Gresham mayor, I talked with Anne Pasmanick. 

Listen to the August 10, 2020 episode of Power Station to learn more about about my relationship to Gresham and my path to elected office here.

Have you heard of the podcast called Power Station? The host, Anne Pasmanick, talks with community-based changemakers from across the country about their work. I’m a big fan because l love to learn from other organizers’ stories, strategies, and victories.

It was an honor to record a session with Anne last year. Our conversation ranged from knocking on doors in Gresham and East Multnomah County to building community power.

Eddy Morales and Anne Pasmanick

Here’s a quick excerpt.

ANNE: I'm wondering, Eddy, given your experience both in this race and creating momentum ... what do you want others to know and do based on your experience?

EDDY: We need to engage people so that we can redirect from just listening to talking heads to listening to the community. I've now been to some of the same doors three or four times for different campaigns. You start building a rapport with people. It wasn't intimidating, I didn’t do a whole script. I just asked: what do we need to do?

I hope you'll enjoy the full episode. It's Power Station with Eddy Morales and it aired back in November 2019.

Listen to this so you can:

  • Learn about our successes in East Multnomah County. For starters, we flipped the Gresham-Barlow, Reynolds, Centennial, David Douglas, and Mt. Hood Community College school boards and raised hundreds of millions of dollars for parks and nature and affordable housing
  • Hear how I’ve been working to remove obstacles to civic engagement in Gresham
  • Get to know me better! Anne and I went deep on my background, inspirations, and approach to governing
  • Find out how to engage people from underrepresented communities to create positive change

On the podcast, I also talk about how when we show up and work together , we can shape the policies that impact our lives. To do it right, we need your voice at the table!

Enjoy the episode! After you listen,  I hope you’ll sign up for alerts so I can keep you up to date with news and community organizing alerts for Gresham!

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