In The News: Gresham Rebound Requires a Plan

by Team Eddy, on 10/11/20 4:25 PM

Ballots will hit the mail soon and you are probably looking for information on candidates. We appreciated the Gresham Outlook’s coverage of last week’s mayoral debate. The Gresham Coalition of Neighborhood Associations sponsored the virtual event.

The debate offered a chance to go into detail about vision for Gresham. The Outlook framed it up right:

“Whomever is chosen by voters in November will have to guide the city through a budget crisis; continue to seek ways to recover from the pandemic; find solutions to racial injustice and law enforcement; help bring a new city manager onboard; develop more parks and recreation; and so much more.”

Our big takeaway? Our opponents do not have concrete plans to lead Gresham out of a budget shortfall. We have to do more than talk about “leaning in” to community unity.


Here’s what Eddy offers:

  • A roadmap out of Gresham’s budget hole left by longtime Mayor Shane Bemis.
  • A plan for improved fiscal oversight and an independent auditor so we know just where our city funds are going.
  • A shift to community participation in planning from a small insular group of people who have enriched themselves over the years.

You can read more about all of the Gresham mayoral candidates in the October 10 Outlook article. You'll learn more about Eddy’s vision for independent oversight of Gresham police, a parks & recreation district, and creating an inclusive culture in Gresham city government.

If you’re curious to see for yourself, you can watch the Gresham Mayoral Debate on You Tube here.

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