An Opportunity for Gresham City Council

by Eddy Morales, on 6/26/20 1:43 PM


Across the country people are calling for change to make it clear that Black Lives Matter. We are realizing unexpected and important shifts in leadership, policies, and laws. This is a time of opportunity for Gresham City Council.

Over the last two weeks, Gresham's mayor, city manager, chief of police, and a planning commissioner have resigned or retired. News and social media are buzzing with these stories—and with misinformation. Gresham residents deserve honest, transparent, and accountable leadership. I am committed to giving you the facts so you can make informed choices.

Gresham residents need stability restored quickly as well as a roadmap to a vibrant, welcoming, and united Gresham. I invite you to join me in this process. But first you may want to take a look at some recent headlines. 

Gresham in the News

Keeping Gresham on Track

By showing up and working together, we can keep Gresham on track, and we can do it in a way that strengthens our community. Here are some of our opportunities.

  • We can reimagine how Gresham addresses public safety.
  • Our community can take action to support racial equity.
  • We can work to address a looming budget crisis.
  • We can have a qualified, in-house candidate step into the role of city manager.

We have a Special City Council Meeting (online) on Monday, June 29 [Get information here]. I anticipate we will select a mayor pro tem to serve until a new mayor can be elected in November. We have plenty of work ahead. It's a great time to start making your voice heard and be part of the solution.

To get involved, sign up below to receive news and action alerts about Gresham! I look forward to working with you. 

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The Power of Community

When we show up for one another, we build real power – the power to create a more progressive, equitable and sustainable future for everyone.
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