We Must Always Stand Up Against Hate

by Eddy Morales, on 8/27/20 5:34 PM

You may wonder what it's like to stand up to armed extremists. Well, many community members stood up against hate last night at Gresham City Hall. The event occurred hours after an emergency City Council meeting to discuss the safety and security of our city and all of our residents.

The Gresham Outlook reported the event as follows: 

Gresham councilors keep the peace at City Hall

"Two Gresham city councilors waded into the thicket of dueling protest groups who slung slogans back and forth during a gathering that lasted for hours outside City Hall on Wednesday evening, Aug. 26."

You can read more of the article here. (A subscription is required.)

What I saw was everyday people standing up against hate in our City. We denounced violence, destruction of property, and hate speech. Gresham stands for inclusion, equity, community, and love.

You can also watch the emergency Gresham City Council session. After a thorough dialogue about how to respond to threats of violence, the council voted to continue to fly the Black Lives Matter flag at City Hall. We will continue to support peaceful assemblies and petitioning, but signs of aggression or close contact are not acceptable.

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