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Eddy Morales - A Progressive Democrat who gets real results

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All likely Democratic primary voters across the district need to need to see, read, and see on the go that:

Progressive Democrat Eddy Morales has the lived experience and the record of results to fight for us in Congress. Eddy’s mom immigrated from Mexico - in the trunk of a car - and fled to Oregon to escape domestic violence where she brought multiple generations of her family together under one roof. He has lost two brothers to gun violence and a sister to addiction. Because of this, Eddy has dedicated his life to public service, first as a community organizer, and then as Gresham City Council President, where he led the fight to create more affordable housing and improve public safety.

If elected, Eddy Morales would be the first Latino to represent the district and LGBTQIA+ Congressperson to represent Oregon.

In Congress, Eddy Morales will continue to get results and fight for:

Eddy lives in Gresham with his husband and mother-in-law.

Key Dates in Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District

May 1st - Ballots are mailed to every voter in the district.
May 21st - Election day

Eddy Morales first learned about organizing by watching his mother around the kitchen table. Raised by a hardworking and community-minded immigrant woman in Oregon, Eddy and his siblings saw her open their home to share meals or offer basic necessities like laundry detergent to neighbors in need, and it was through moments like these that he learned how her choices were building and strengthening their entire community.

Eddy started his organizing career as a student at the University of Oregon twenty five years ago where he helped coordinate a boycott in support of farm workers earning unfair wages. After seeing the impact of solidarity, it quickly became his life’s work — from restoring voting rights in Florida, to supporting immigrants under attack in Arizona, to joining Stacey Abrams to flip Georgia blue. After, he brought these lessons home, founding East County Rising, serving as the board Secretary for Planned Parenthood of Columbia-Willamette, and earning the trust to serve as City Councilor for the City of Gresham six years ago. As a Councilor, he’s helped create multi-generational affordable housing, increased innovative public safety solutions, preserved green spaces, and advocated for underrepresented constituents. Through this work, Eddy learned what it takes to bring people together for the common good.

Now our community is ready for him to take these lessons to Washington, D.C. With the chaos, dysfunction, and far-right extremism in Washington, DC — there’s never been a more important time to send an experienced organizer to Congress. What worked in Gresham is good for Oregon. What is good for Oregon is good for the country.

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