Shared Priorities

Change comes when we bring together community partners at the local, state, and national levels to improve our lives.


Tackling Issues Together

I believe that when people are stable, with a roof over their heads, and a way to get to work and put food on their tables, that our economy will thrive and our communities will be stronger.  

Housing Solutions

Everyone in Gresham (and across the state) should have a home to live in. Voters recently passed a $26 million bond to build affordable housing in Gresham, and Eddy is the community-centered leader to guide those future investments.

COVID-19 Response

Eddy was a leading voice in responding to the needs of local, small businesses when COVID hit. He helped provide city-funded emergency grants to small businesses and put a moratorium on the interruption of utility services and evictions. For the next round of public funding, he is advocating those funds focus on childcare support and relief to residents.

Parks and Outdoor Public Spaces

Parks add value to nearby homes, and parks provide opportunities for outdoor recreation and enjoyment in public spaces that everyone can access for free. Eddy is leading the way to create a parks and recreation district in Gresham and potentially East Multnomah County. He is launching a participatory budgeting process so that the community can decide how to invest up to $5 million in parks.

Economic Development

We need an economy that works for the whole community. We need an economy with well-paying, family-wage jobs and benefits. People who work in Gresham should earn enough and receive the benefits they need to care for their families.

Support for Children, Families and Seniors

When children, families, and seniors succeed, our whole community succeeds. We want to see more funding for our senior center, which currently does not get any funding from the city, even though that is a common practice in other cities.

Good Governance

Building on his work to bring more people into local decision-making, Eddy has developed a series of good governance initiatives, including police accountability, participatory budgeting, an independently elected auditor, term limits and districts for councilors and mayor, and greater diversity on public boards.

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"Eddy has a proven track record of progressive changemaking. As Gresham City Councilor, he has championed community voices. The results: policies and budget allocations that support healthy community and economic opportunity."

Earl Blumenauer
Member of Congress, OR-3

Gresham City Councilor Eddy Morales and U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer.

Earl Blumenauer

Longstanding U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer endorsed Eddy's run for Gresham City Council in 2018. He knocked doors in the city for Eddy during the campaign. "I thought Gresham and East County could use the help," he said.

Gresham City Councilor Eddy Morales with his partner Hugh in Rockwood.
Gresham City Councilor Eddy Morales attends an Evening with Heather Booth.
Gresham City Councilor Eddy Morales promotes the census with others. Contemos Oregon.
Gresham City Councilor Eddy Morales walking in the woods.